About us

Ahlan Insurance is a reliable and tried-and-true insurance company in UAE. We are known to have a strong presence because of our superior insurance services. Since the day of establishment of the company, our team is making great efforts to be a top-rated company in the Middle East. 

The company has a customer-centric approach while it covers several risks occurring in the lives of our customers. We have several risk covers that are made to meet the need of our valued customers. Our company offers a great range of insurance solutions for the risks that the customers may have during the travels or when they are riding the vehicles.

To keep the level of our services stable, we have hired a team of talented professionals who have a good head for insurance solutions.

We want to maintain the healthy relationship with our customers and our team has a single objective to provide complete satisfaction when we offer a risk cover.

Apart from our insurance solutions, we may help you if you need to compare multiple insurance solutions provided by different insurance companies. We are very efficient in comparing the details you provide and then, our experts show the best results. We work in the association of various car and travel insurance cover providers to offer you the best prices. Therefore, our comparison is reliable and up-to-date to help you select an ideal car and travel insurance brand.